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The VAFF (Venice Architecture Film Festival) promotes the knowledge and dissemination of international cinema which has as its theme architecture, urbanity and collective living.
This year's theme, in continuity with the first edition of 2020, aims to investigate our capacity for aggregation, sharing, a rediscovered sociability and an ability to produce culture through encounters between different experiences.
The title Communities is the extreme synthesis of this reality and this dormant desire from the pandemic that surprised us within our home walls.


1. Theme

For the Venice Architecture Film Festival 2nd edition, ArchiTuned is organizing a competition for the creation of the representative image of the Festival.
VAFF (Venice Architecture Film Festival) is an architecture film festival that talks about architecture by investigating the theme of living in architecture and architecture.
The title of this year's VAFF is Communities.
COVID-19! Climate change! Social inequality! The world and the way of life have changed and must change:

  • from the global city we segregate into local areas;
  • from living the city as one's home, to home as a city;
  • social relations are reduced to the indispensable, while digital relations are forcefully established as the new normal;
  • urban meeting places are transformed into deserted squares;
  • non-places become non-sense places.

Participants will be allowed maximum freedom in the choice of subject, however illustrations, images and photographs that are close and relevant to the theme are encouraged.

2. Technical Requirements

The proposed images must be suitable and adaptable to different graphic material which will be employed to promote the festival. Specifically they must:

  • have empty or even spaces on which text or other graphic signs can be superimposed.
  • Be adaptable to the following formats: 50 × 70(h) cm, 21 × 10 (h) cm, 21 × 21 (h) cm. We recommend that you read the example below.
  • A maximum of three versions of the same subject may be submitted, adaptable to each format.
  • File features: rgb jpg maximum quality. Minimum resolution 3000px for the smaller side.
  • Proportions suitable for use both vertically and horizontally

Each entry must be submitted with the name, surname, email, address and telephone number of the participant.
The winning image will be selected by the Jury in collaboration with ArchiTuned, which reserves the right to make any changes to the image with prior consent of the participant.

3. Who

Participation is open to photographers, illustrators, creatives, graphic designers, collectives, students of any nationality over the age of 18.
Members of the Jury or in the organizational secretariat in addition to those who participated in the drafting of this proejct cannot participate in the competition.

4. How

To participate access the website (yes, it's this page, find the form below) and fill out the registration form and upload the image in the different formats required (check our suggestions in the two pdf files that you can find in the downloads below). Participation with only one subject is allowed.

5. Copyright

ArchiTuned will acquire exclusive reproduction rights of the winning image which will be used and reproduced on posters, invitations and communication and social media channels relating to the 2nd edition of the Venice Architecture Film Festival. By joining this competition, the participant declares to be the owner of any reproduction right of the winning image which by default will be granted to ArchiTuned. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of this regulation.

6. Jury

The works will be evaluated by a jury made up of external and internal members of the Archituned Association.

7. Prize

The winning image will be used in all the information material relating to the VAFF, always bearing the author's name.
The results of the competition will be published on the site and disclosed in our communication.
The first 10 works selected by the jury will be published on the website in a dedicated section.
The author of the winning image will be rewarded with € 200.00.

8. Schedule

  • March10, 2021 registration opens
  • April 10, 2021 registration deadline
  • April 20, 2021 closing of the jury works
  • May 5, 2021 publication of the winning image on the website

9. Privacy

For the purposes of promoting the Competition, personal data will be processed in accordance with law 31/12/1996 n° 675 and EU Regulation n. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016 (in force in all European Union countries since 25 May 2018) and according to subsequent amendments and additions. The data can be transferred outside the European Union, even in countries where the level of protection of personal data may be lower than that guaranteed by European legislation. This transfer will in any case comply with the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission with decision no. 2010/87/EC

10. Questions

For any clarification please write to 

11. Notes

ArchiTuned is not responsible for unforeseen and unpredictable events that may prevent or postpone the realization of the event and its activities, such as the work of the jury. By entering the competition, each participant certifies that they have read, understood and accepted these rules and guidelines.