Archituned with its new award: The Venice Architecture Short Film Awards – What's Going On – is creating a new series of contents dedicated to collect the expressions of the diverse cultures as a reflection upon the global outbreak and also as a possible reaction to it. The upcoming editions will cherish new developments, new ways how the architectonical frame and the urban landscapes enables social engagements.

This first series will be dedicated to explore the Russian contemporary scene and will bring the title What’s Going On: Russia.

The Selected Short Films

In Motion (в движении) – Winner

By Isabella Gallo

Born in Turin, Italy, now I live in Milan.
After graduating in History of Cinema and New Media at the University of Turin, I'm now studying advertising at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan;
I have experience in directing and editing documentaries and music videos.

Film Credits
Isabella Gallo: Director
Ivan Dadaev: Producer
Anastasia Konstantinidi: Cinematogrаphy
Saba Kapanadze: Sound director
Elena Khadeeva: Editor

Runtime: 8 minutes 9 seconds
Completion Date: July 12, 2019
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Presentation by Isabella Gallo

2 or 3 things I know about Rostov-on-Don

By Alexey Zahar

2007 doctor of the pedagogical sciences
2012 graduated High Courses of Directors&Scriptwriters
'European Short Film Festival, Florence' 2013
'NYC porn film festival' 2015
'Beatfilmfestival' 2017
'Сoncurso CTL59' 2020
'Zeitimpuls shortfilm' 2020
'Essex DocFest' 2020'

Film Credits
Alexey Zahar: Director

Runtime: 13 minutes 13 seconds
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Presentation by Alexey Zahar

Inversion (The sound of Isolation)

By Kristina Petukhina

sound artist, independent researcher
curator of the media project Tonoptik
teacher of music theory in action Music Shho school

Film Credits
Kristina Petukhina:Key Cast

Runtime: 4 minutes 25 seconds
Completion Date: April 24, 2020
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Selection Brief

1. Theme

The ongoing project ideated and promoted by ArchiTuned will be titledWhat’s Going On and is devoted to collect the expressions of the diverse cultures as a reflection upon the global outbreak and also as a possible reaction to it. The upcoming editions will cherish new developments, new ways how the architectonical frame and the urban landscapes enables social engagements. This first series will be dedicated to explore the Russian contemporary scene and will bring the title What’s Going On: Russia.
ArchiTuned will create a selection of short films which will bring together a collage of contemporary Russian architectural views and realities together with a broader cultural scene depicting the interesting times we are living.
The selection will include a.o. documentaries, animations, experimental shorts, etc, from international authors to be presented in Venice at the VAC Foundation on the 5th of November 2020.
Cinema will be the preferential medium and language to convey the message, whilst Architecture and a new social and anthropological perspective of living together again in these unprecedented times is investigated.
The online competition welcomes all contributions describing how the post pandemic situation affected our contemporary society and its possible future developments, with a special focus on the Russian culture, opening up perspectives on new ways of living public spaces, new habits raising up, how we are populating institutions and finding ways of living together.
With the aim of presenting the contemporary architectural scene in Russia today and social trends picking up in our communities, the selection will unveil also how the community is expressing new needs and new habits.

2. Who

Participation is open to filmmakers, producers, and students above the age of 18 from all backgrounds and nationalities. The following are excluded from participation: members of the jury (permanent or temporary), members of the board and those who were involved in the drafting of this open call.

3. What

All films should reflect the What’s Going On: Russia edition and theme of the competition and address contemporary architecture in its broadest sense, as described in paragraph 1. Theme and have preferably a maximum length of 15 minutes. All films will be considered but preferably those produced after 2015. All films must be submitted by 25th October 2020, strictly in digital format and specifically in MP4 format with H.264 encoding. This will be the only accepted format. 

All uploads must be accompanied by:

  • director’s name
  • production company
  • three high resolution frames from the submitted entry in .jpg format at the maximum resolution available (minimum resolution 1920x1080 px)
  • film abstract
  • year of production

4. Language

Films will be accepted with audio in any language. Nevertheless, if the language is not English, they must have English subtitles (.srt format).

5. How

To participate you must submit your video on filmfreeway.com.
Registration will be open from 1st October (0h00 CET) to 25th October 2020 (23h59 CET). A technical jury will select the best 10 films. The list of shortlisted films will be revealed on 30th October 2020. It will be published on the website archituned.com and communicated by email to the selected participants. The decision of the shortlisted films is indisputable.

6. Fee

To submit your film a fee of 5,00€ for each submission is required, all contents can be uploaded on filmfreeway.

7. Copyrights

Participants declare that the film submitted is their own and that its public screening rights have not been transferred to third parties. Participants assume all liability for any claim or demand by third parties, administrative, judicial or of other nature, concerning intellectual property or screening rights of the submitted film.
Film submission implies that participants hold all necessary rights to publicly screen the entered film and are authorized to enter the competition and as such to present their film at What’s Going On: Russia at VAC foundation and hereby grant said rights to ArchiTuned, for both competition submission and the film screening at the venue. Regarding screening of the films submitted during What’s Going On: Russia, while ownership of the intellectual property of the work is guaranteed, there will be no screening fee.
Participants grant, free of charge, the screening and usage of clips from their work for promotional purposes even in future editions of the What’s Going On. They also grant access and usage of clips from their films, free of charge, on all media platforms and in any form (print and online) including the website archituned.com. This does not imply, in any form whatsoever, loss of copyright of the submitted film on behalf of the participant. All the film selected will be featured on the website archituned.com by prior arrangement between ArchiTuned and the Participant.
ArchiTuned therefore acquires exhibition and screening rights free of charge on any media and platform, while ownership of intellectual property of the work is guaranteed.
After the screening of the event What’s Going On: Russia at the VAC Foundation in Venice it may be possible to view the submitted films on the website archituned.com.

8. Jury Selection

The selection will be organized by ArchiTuned and together with consultants and film experts there will be 5 best film among the submitted material. The jury's decision cannot be disputed and is not admitted ex-aequo.

9. Award

The first five films of theWhat’s Going On: Russia will be screened at VAC Foundation in Venice on 5th November 2020 and they will be published on website archituned.com. All the authors of selected films will receive a laurel.

10. Competition Calendar

Please register and submit the works from the first days to avoid unexpected delays. Call for submissions 1st October – 25th October (24H00 CET) 2020 Selected finalist’s announcement 30th October 2020 Jury working time 31st October – 3rd November 2020 Competition winner announcement 4th November 2020 The winner will be contacted by email and will be announced on the website archituned.com

11. Questions

For any questions please email: info@archituned.com

12. Privacy

Personal data will be handled according to the EU legislation 31/12/1996 n ° 675 and the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 (in force in all European Union countries since 25 May 2018), and according to subsequent amendments and additions. Data may be transferred outside the European Union, including countries where the level of personal data protection may be lower than that guaranteed by European legislation. This transfer will, in any case, comply with the standard contractual clauses approved by the EU Commission with decision n.2010/87/EC

13. Advice

ArchiTuned will not be responsible for unexpected events that could impede or postpone the Festival and its activities, such as the screening of the films or the jury’s work. By submitting your film to the Competition, you declare and attest that you have read, understood, and accepted these rules and guidelines.

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